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A TICA & CFA Registered Ragdoll Cattery

located in Ohio

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All of our breeding cats are tested negative for over 40 genetic diseases including RD HCM, MC HCM, PKD, Felv, and FIV

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Ragdolls are a blue eyed pointed breed! We only breed the blue eyed pointed Ragdolls.

Minks, sepias, and solids are not accepted as part of the Ragdoll breed standard. 


We are a small in-home TICA and CFA registered Ragdoll breeder located near Cleveland, Ohio. We are dedicated to producing beautiful and healthy Ragdolls with the sweet and docile personalities that this breed is known for. Our cats and kittens are part of our family and are raised with love from day one. We prefer our kittens to go as altered pets. Because of this we rarely sell breeding rights. Thank you for your understanding on this.